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Pest Management Perth

Allpest is recognised as a leader and innovator within the Pest Management Industry. Our leadership within the industry, quality of work provided and continual updating of current technology ensure the reliability and prompt service offered to Allpest's customers.

Allpest has a compliment of over 130 staff comprising of office staff, customer service managers and technicians. Allpest's team of customer service managers are fully qualified and licensed with Certificate II & Certificate III (national accredited) qualifications in Pest Management. Ongoing professional development is a company requirement and therefore all customer service managers understand and utilise any changes made within the Pest Management industry. This knowledge is then incorporated when quoting for customers, to ensure the customer receives the best quality advice available and also the most competitive price.

Allpest has current, comprehensive Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle insurance covers. Allpest has a Certificate of Registration as a Commercial Pesticide Firm and is a certified member of the Australian Environmental Pest Management Association (AEPMA).

Allpest's technicians are fully qualified and licensed with the appropriate national certification / accreditation. They are trained and supervised within the organisation to the high standard expected of all our technicians.

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Pest Control

Pest Control WA

We endeavour to satisfy every requirement that our clientele may have, no matter how obscure. Listed below are the common pests we can treat, however if there is something you require not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

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