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Pest Control WAYou thought Bed Bugs were just an urban legend, or that they had been eradicated 50 years ago? Think again. Bed Bugs are becoming a major pest to our society which is why choosing the right Commercial Pest Control Perth is so important. To treat your premises, Allpest provides the most effective commercial pest control WA has on offer.

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Commercial Bed Bug Removal

Allpest are the experts for bed bugs and insect control Perth-wide. We are part of the working party that created the National Bed Bug Code of Practice which details how to manage and treat bed bug infestations. This code of practice is now internationally recognised and has been adopted by many countries around the world. We were also interviewed by Channel 7's Today Tonight program about bed bugs.

At Allpest one of our trained, experienced staff will come to your premises, spend time discussing your situation, carry out an inspection and put together a plan specific to your needs and requirements. All the staff members you will deal with at Allpest are licensed pest control technicians certified by the Health Department of Australia and they have had training specific to bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs Are Bad For Business

The major concerns driving the awareness of bed bugs and their impact on business are:

A small infestation of bed bugs can grow quickly in to thousands. Theoretically an infestation of 10 bed bugs in a room can reach up to 15,000 in just 16 weeks (under ideal circumstances). However, many infestations start with more than just 10 bed bugs and exist for more than 16 weeks prior to detection.

The importance of early detection can not be over-emphasised. At 12 weeks it is conceivable that the occupant of the room is receiving 50 bites every night which subsequently become intensely itchy. Once an infestation becomes large, the risk of other rooms becoming infested is very high. Bed bugs are easily spread from one room to another.

The most common reaction to an accommodation provider would be to move the occupant to another room with little or no thought as to how the person is moved and what personal belongings may be infested. Unwittingly transferring a few bed bugs to the next room starts the cycle again. Similarly if a treatment on a room does not achieve 100% control it is only a matter of weeks before the population has rebounded.

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